Question Solved1 Answer 1. A 15 cm diameter jet of water with a velocity of 15 m/s strikes a plate normally. If the plate is moving with a velocity of 6 m/s in the direction of the jet, (a) calculate the work done per second on the plate and the efficiency of energy transfer by the jet. (b) What would be the efficiency if the jet impact is on a series of blades mounted on a wheel? 2. A 10 cm diameter free jet of water having a velocity of 30 m/s impinges on a plane, smooth plate at angle of 45° to the normal to the plate. (a) What will be the force due to jet impingement on the plate and work done per second when (i) the plate is stationary, and (ii) when moving in the direction of the jet at 6.0 m/s velocity. (b) What will be the force due to jet on the plate when the plate is moving against the jet direction at 6.0 m/s velocity?  

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1. A 15 cm diameter jet of water with a velocity of 15 m/s strikes a plate normally. If the plate is moving with a velocity of 6 m/s in the direction of the jet, (a) calculate the work done per second on the plate and the efficiency of energy transfer by the jet. (b) What would be the efficiency if the jet impact is on a series of blades mounted on a wheel?  2. A 10 cm diameter free jet of water having a velocity of 30 m/s impinges on a plane, smooth plate at angle of 45° to the normal to the plate. (a) What will be the force due to jet impingement on the plate and work done per second when (i) the plate is stationary, and (ii) when moving in the direction of the jet at 6.0 m/s velocity. (b) What will be the force due to jet on the  plate when the plate is moving against the jet direction at 6.0 m/s velocity?     
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{:[" Q) 1) "quad d=0.15m],[v=15m//s],[u=6m//s]:}" a) "{:[" Work done fer second "=" force "xx" velocity "],[(W)/( sec)=in(Delta v)xx v=A xx(Delta V)xx9xx Delta v xx u],[=(pi)/(4)xx0.15^(2)xx(15-6)xx1000 xx(15-6)xx(6)],[=8.588kW]:}Efficieng of energm{:[" transferred "=((v-u)^(3))/(v^(3))=((15-6)^(3))/(15^(3))=0.216],[=((1)/(2)in(v-u)^(2)xx(v-u))/((1)/(2)inv^(2)xx v)],[=(" energy got by plate ")/(" energy at jef ")]:}b) efficiency if jet impact on series{:[=((v-u)^(2)xx u)/(v^(3))=((15-6)^(2)xx6)/((15)^(3))],[=0.144]:}of blades ... See the full answer