Question Solved1 Answer 1.       A 15 cm diameter jet of water with a velocity of 15 m/s strikes a plate normally. If the plate is moving with a velocity of 6 m/s in the direction of the jet,   (a) calculate the work done per second on the plate and the efficiency of energy transfer by the jet.   (b) What would be the efficiency if the jet impact is on a series of blades mounted on a wheel? 2.       *A two-dimensional jet of water impinges on a plane at an angle θ to the normal to the plane. If the jet splits in to two streams of discharges in the ratio 1: 2.5, calculate the angle θ.

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  1.       A 15 cm diameter jet of water with a velocity of 15 m/s strikes a plate normally. If the plate is moving with a velocity of 6 m/s in the direction of the jet,   (a) calculate the work done per second on the plate and the efficiency of energy transfer by the jet.   (b) What would be the efficiency if the jet impact is on a series of blades mounted on a wheel?  2.       *A two-dimensional jet of water impinges on a plane at an angle θ to the normal to the plane. If the jet splits in to two streams of discharges in the ratio 1: 2.5, calculate the angle θ.  
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(1) Area of cross-section of jet a=(pi)/(4)xx15^(2)a=0.0177m^(2)u=15m//sv=6m//sSpeed of jet normal to plate, with respect to Plate =v_(x)=(u-v)(a) Force = Rate of change of luiear momentum= mass How rate x change in velocity of flow along noermal direction{:[F_(x)=rho a(v_(x))xx(v_(x)-0)],[=rho a(v_(x))^(2)=1000 xx0.0177 xx(15-6)^(2)],[F_(x)=1433.7N]:}Efficiency of Jet =(" Work done by Jet "(J//s))/(" Rate of KE supplied ")Rate of Work done =F_(x)*v=1433.7 xx6=8602.2J//sRate of KE supphied =(1)/(2)m^(˙)u^(2)=(1)/(2)xx rho xx a xx u xxu^(2)=(rho au^(3))/(2)=(1)/(2)xx1000 xx0.0177 xx15^(3)=29868.75J//seta=(8602.2)/(29868.75)=28.8%(b) If the jet is impacted on a serves of blades mounted on a whed. then force exerted by jet in tangential derection{:[F_(t)=rho au xx(u-v)],[=1000 xx0.0177 xx15 xx(15-6)],[=2389.5N]:}Rate of work done ... See the full answer