Question Solved1 Answer 1.       A jet of water 10 cm in diameter and having velocity of 18 m/s strikes a curved moving vane of velocity 8 m/s at 25° to the direction of motion of the vane. The vane angle at the outlet measured with respect to the direction of motion of the vane is 150°. Find the   (i) vane angle at inlet so that the water enters without shock, and   (ii) the component of force exerted by the jet on the vane in the direction of motion of the vane. 2.       A stationary curved plate deflects a 10 cm diameter water jet through an angle of 120° with respect to the initial jet direction in the horizontal plane. Calculate the force required to hold the plate in position if the velocity of the jet is 15 m/s.

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  1.       A jet of water 10 cm in diameter and having velocity of 18 m/s strikes a curved moving vane of velocity 8 m/s at 25° to the direction of motion of the vane. The vane angle at the outlet measured with respect to the direction of motion of the vane is 150°. Find the   (i) vane angle at inlet so that the water enters without shock, and   (ii) the component of force exerted by the jet on the vane in the direction of motion of the vane.  2.       A stationary curved plate deflects a 10 cm diameter water jet through an angle of 120° with respect to the initial jet direction in the horizontal plane. Calculate the force required to hold the plate in position if the velocity of the jet is 15 m/s.  
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(A).from /_\in FG quad epsi xx000 dNO _|_ OHS{:[(v_(r2))/(sin(80-beta))=(U_(2))/(sin(beta-phi))],[(11.29)/(sin beta)=(8)/(sin(beta-phi))],[sin(30-phi)=(8xx sin 30)/(11.29)],[30-phi=20.75],[phi=9.24]:}Jet dia =10cmVelocity of jet V_(1)=18m//s velocity of vane u_(1)=8m//s=> force excerted 0 -{:[alpha=25^(@)],[beta=180^(@)-150^(@)=30^(@)],[u_(1)=U_(2)=8m//s],[v_(r_(1))=v_(r_(2))]:}F_(2)=Par_(r_(1))[v_(w_(1))+V_(w_(2))]from=> Vane angle: at inlet :. : theta "{:[tan theta=( ... See the full answer