1. Which of the following is produced after 7 days of fermentation of the mash bill with yeast during whiskey production?

a. Dog Whiskey

b. Distiller;s Beer

c. Bourbon

d. Tennessee Whiskey

2. Which of the following is NOT a fermentable sugar?

a. Glucose

b. Starch

c. Galactose

d. Fructose

3.In DIY whiskey, the caramel color was produced from which of the following processes?

a. Lincoln County Process

b. Filtering through charcoal

c. Toasted Oak Chips

d. Just leaving the vodka in a mason jar for 27 days.

4. According to the article DIY Whiskey, which method for treating vodka produced whiskey that was comparable to the commercially available product?

a. Filtering the vodka with a Brita filter.

b. Filtering vodka through a bed of charcoal six times.

c. Redistilled vodka.

d. Unmodified bottom shelf vodka.

5. What is the concentration of a distillate that is 70% proof?

a. 140% Ethanol

b. 35% Ethanol

c. 30% Ethanol

d. 70% ethanol since proof and % ethanol are the same.


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