18. A PSW needs your belp; she asks you to call the nurse stat. You know: a) She wants the nurse to stay with the client while she goes on break b) The client is in a good state right now c) Go now, don't lose another second d) The client wants to speak to the nurse about ber plans to antend an upcoming event 19. Answer the following statements with True or False: a) Calling an elderly client 'momma' conveys respect and caring b) You should never refuse a favor asked of you in a workplace c) Getting all needed equipment before starting a task stves time d) If you have a conflict with your colleague, talk to him privately e) OD means the client took too much medication 20. Complete a written progress note for the following scenario: On the 0700 - 1500 shin you are caring for Mr. Davidson, a 45 . year-old man who has a cast on his right leg (foot to groin). Your team leader is Paul Samba RPN. You assist Mr. Davidson with a bed bath and changing his pajamas. Mr. Davidson independently cares for his hair, teeth, shaving and grooming. While assisting Mr Davidson with his bed bath at 0915 you notice that he has a red broken area the size of a loonie in his right groin area at the clge of the cast. In the same area the cast appears moist and seems to smell of urine. During the bath, Mr. Davidson appears withdrawn and not his usual talkative self. He complains of "tightness" in his right ankle. Using the following form, document what observations you made while caring for Mr. Davidson and any related actions that were taken.

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