Question Solved1 Answer 1.A two-dimensional jet of water impinges on a plane at an angle q to the normal to the plane. If the jet splits in to two streams of discharges in the ratio 1: 2.5, calculate the angle q. 2. A two-dimensional jet issuing from a long slot strikes a plate at angle of 50° with the plane of the plate. This causes the flow to divide in to two parts q1 and q2 on either side of the impact zone. Calculate the ratio q1/q2.      

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1.A two-dimensional jet of water impinges on a plane at an angle q to the normal to the plane. If the jet splits in to two streams of discharges in the ratio 1: 2.5, calculate the angle q.   2. A two-dimensional jet issuing from a long slot strikes a plate at angle of 50° with the plane of the plate. This causes the flow to divide in to two parts q1 and q2 on either side of the impact zone. Calculate the ratio q1/q2.           
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