The Royal Blue Corporation was organized on January 1, 2014 with authorized share capital consisting of 100,000 share of P50 par value preference share capital and 1,000,000 shares of no-par ordinary share capital with a stated value of P10. At December 31,2014, the ledger include the following balances pertaining to shareholders' equity: \begin{tabular}{|l|r|} \hline Preference share capital & $\mathrm{P}, 000,000$ \\ \hline Preference share premium & 300,000 \\ \hline Ordinary share capital & $5,000,000$ \\ \hline Paid-In capital in excess of stated value - ordinary share & $2,500,000$ \\ \hline \end{tabular} Ten thousand preference shares were issued for equipment having a fair market of P550,000. The remaining preference share capital were issued for cash. All preferred shares were issued in January. All ordinary shares were issued for cash.

1.Number of preference shares issued for cash.

2.Price per share of preference share capital issued for cash.

3.Number of ordinary shares issued.

4.Average price per share of the ordinary share capital issued for cash.

5.Total preference share premium arising from issuance in exchange equipment.

ABC Corp. recorded the following journal entry on August 21, 2014 :

6.The explanation reads, “Issued ordinary share capital for P130 per share”. What is the par value for this share capital?

7.The explanation reads, “Issued ordinary share capital for P130 per share”. how many shares were issued?

DEF Co. issued 1,000 shares of its P50 par value ordinary share capital in exchange for land with a book value of P40,000 and fair value of P120,000.

8.What is the total increase in ordinary share premium?

9.How much should be credited to Ordinary Share Capital account?

The GHI Corporation was incorporated on January 1, 2014, with the following authorized capitalization:

• 40,000 shares of ordinary share capital, no par value, stated value P50 per share

• 10,000 shares of 5% cumulative preference share capital, par value P100

During 2014, GHI issued 24,000 ordinary shares for P60 per share and 6,000 preference shares at P120 per share. In addition, on December 10, 2014 subscription for 2,000 preference shares were taken at a purchase price of P150. A down payment of 30% was received. The full payment on these subscribed shares were received on January 5, 2015.

10.What should GHI report as total increase in shareholders’ equity on its December 31, 2014 Statement of Financial Position?

On June 1, JKL Company issued 8,000 shares of its P10 par ordinary share capital of Robles for a tract of land. The stock had a fair value of P18 per share on this date.

11.How much is the increase in ordinary share premium as a result of this transaction?

Shown below are account balances found in the ledger of Emerald Green Corporation at the end of 2014:

12.Number of preference share issued.

13.Number of ordinary share issued.

14.Number of preference share subscribed.

15.Number of ordinary share subscribed.

16.Average price per share received by the corporation on its preference share capital including preference share capital subscribed.

17.Average price per share received by the corporation on its ordinary share capital including subscribed ordinary share capital.

18.Average amount per share that the subscribers of preference share capital have not yet paid to the corporation.

19.Average amount per share that ordinary share capital subscribers have already paid on their subscriptions. Assume that ordinary share capital were subscribed at P12.

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