3. Plot spectrum of sinusoids (bar, instead of stem plot please)
The following MATLAB code defines a vector zz, which corresponds to the signal z(t):
tt = -10:0.01:10; %time is in seconds
zz = kk*cos(kk*tt);
zz = zz + kk*cos(kk*tt - pi/3);
zz = zz + real(2*exp(j*pi/4)*exp(j*kk*tt));

a) Write a formula for z(t) in terms of sinusoids in standard form,
that is, z(t)= A0 + ∑k Ak cos(ωkt +ϕk). (5 points)
b) Plot the spectrum for z(t) with labels for all of the frequencies and complex amplitudes. Provide both the MATLAB codes (10 points) and figure. (5 points)

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