5. REST Securely Identify rules to follow when securing a web appKatiori based on REST architecture: Pick ONE OR MORE optiots Sensitive data such as usernames and passwords must always be passed to a web service using the POST method A web service must not use any HTTP error messages All input validations must be done on the server Validate malformed XMLISON PUT operations must be read-only 6. Cache-Control III Identofy the Cache-Control HTTP header response directive which sets an expiration time for a cached respanse: Pick ONE option private public max-age

9. REST Server Response Which of the following is (are) valid server response formats? Pick ONE OR MORE options XML JSON CSV None of these Char Selection 10. HTTP Response Header Identify the HTTP response header field indicating the amount of time that has passed since the resource was fetched from the semer: Pick ONE option Expires Delay Age Cache-Contral Last Modified

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