5:15 al Done PSW Foundations Test (B) Fillable... 1. When assisting a client with activities of daily living, the support worker should: a) Encourage her to occasionally try new foods b) Check with the care plan and supervisor regarding her overall dietary needs c) Save time by choosing the clothing for the day d) All of the above 2. If you broke a vase while providing care in a client's home, you would: a) Ask the client how much it costs and give them cash or a cheyue on your account b) Clean up the broken vase, then excuse yourself immediately and go home c) Clean up the broken vase, then call your supervisor d) Attermpt to repair the vase and say nothing 3. If your client suggests that you make lunch for yourself while preparing hers, the best response would be: a) "Thank you, but I am fasting for a religious holiday I observe." b) "Thank you, I'm starved! I would like to join you." c) "Thank you, but I would be fired if I ate your food." d) "Thank you, but I have a break later ou and I will eat then." 4. Which one of the following is a breach of respecting privacy legislation? a) Phone the next client from the present client's bome b) Losing your Day-Timer c) Discussing client information with his her family d) All of the above 5. Which one of the following would be a violation of a client's autonomy? a) Ensuring that your client knows your name and professional title b) Notifying your supervisor when your client asks for further information regarding the client's diagnosis c) Opening and reading your elient's mail to provide you with further infortnation d) Allowing your client to make choices whenever safely possible SCENARIO 1 You are working within a family bome, caring for the 48 -ycar-old mother who is recovering from surgery, Onie day, the woman expresses to you her anger that her daughter, age 18, is living with her boyfriend. Using Scenario 1: Answer Questiens 6 \& 7 6. You recognize that within the family, this is an example of: a) Anxicty b) Sexism

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