7. In giving a back massage to an elderly person, you should: a) Warm the rubbing alcohol in your hands b) Rub vigorously for one minute c) Place the person comfortably in supine or a side-lying position d) Massage gently from just below the waist to the shoulders 8. A client's hair can be washed: a) In the shower b) In the sink c) In bed or in a wheelchair d) All of the above 9. Which of the following will help prevent decubitus ulcers? a) Repositioning a client twice a day b) Applying alcohol to dry skin c) Massaging the skin vigorously to increase circulation d) Use pillows and blankets to support body parts and prevent skin to skin friction 10. When performing peri care, you should clean from the: a) Outer to the inner labia b) Buttocks to anus c) Urethra to the anal area d) Anal area to urethra 11. Before shaving a client's face with a disposable razor, you should: a) Soften and moisten the skin b) Dry the face thoroughly c) Apply aftershave lotion d) Apply a cold washcloth to the face 12. Clients in their own home need a complete bath every day: a) True b) False

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