For the two graph that need drawing in part b please state & include the minima, maxima, inflection, asymptotes, crosses axis. Please only answer the question if you fully understand it - as this question has been uploaded multiple times & received different answers... hence I really need the correct answers. Thank you
9 The figure below shows part of the graph of $y=f(x)$, where $f(x)=|x+a|+b$ and $a, b$ are constants. It has a minimum point at the point $P$ with coordinates $(1,-2)$ and passes through the $x$-axis at the point $Q$ with coordinates $(3,0)$. (a) Write down the values of $a$ and $b$ (2) (b) Giving the coordinates of the points corresponding to $P$ and $Q$ in each case, sketch the graphs of (i) $y=2 f(x)$ (ii) $y=-f(2 x)$ (c) Find the two solutions to the equation $f(x)=1 / 2 x$

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