1. A 2.00-mol sample of phosphorus pentachloride, PCl5 (g), is placed into a 2.00-L flask at 160 ̊. The reaction produces 0.200 mol of phosphorus trichloride, PCl3 (g), and chlorine, Cl2 (g), at equilibrium. Calculate the concentration of PCl5 (g) and Cl2 (g) at equilibrium.

  1. A reaction of 1.00-mol sample of carbon monoxide, CO(g) and 0.200-mol of H2 (g) produces methanol, CH3OH (g). The reaction is allowed to proceed to equilibrium. 0.120-mol of H2 (g) is left at equilibrium, what are the equilibrium concentrations of carbon monoxide and methanol? Calculate the percent reaction.

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