A client who had a CVA 4 weeks ago has mild hemiparesis affecting the dominant arm and hand. The COTA is using a task-oriented approach to guide activity selection for improving the client's functional abilities. Which activity, when completed with the affected upper extremity, represents the use of this approach for this purpose?

a) Holding playing cards during a preferred card game
b) Moving several weighted items from one shelf to another
c) Washing dishes while bearing weight through the opposite arm

A client who sustained a TBI 3 months ago has been participating in outpatient OT for the past 6 weeks. Based on the client's progress and a review of the client's goals, the COTA concludes the client has attained maximum benefits from the intervention plan. Which action should the COTA take based on this information?

a) Re-evaluate the client with the same standardized procedures used during the initial evaluation.
b) Write a discharge summary including details of the client's function and response to treatment.
c) Communicate with the supervising OTR regarding the client's current level of function.

A COTA works in a transitional residential setting for adolescents undergoing treatment for substance use disorder. The COTA is scheduled to lead a life skills group for several of the adolescents who recently transitioned to the program from a hospital-based detoxification program. One of the objectives of the group is for the adolescents to develop strategies that promote cooperation in the group home environment. Which type of activity would be MOST BENEFICIAL for supporting this objective?

a) Complete a self-reflection activity to explore thoughts and feelings related to cooperative living.
b) Discuss shared job responsibilities that need to be completed in the common areas of the home.
c) Role-play stress reduction strategies for resolving interpersonal conflict related to sober living.

A client with bipolar disorder has a poor understanding of the need to take medications and frequently stops taking medications as prescribed. In addition to informing the physician, what would be the MOST BENEFICIAL intervention approach for this client?

a) Assist the client in organizing medications in a clearly marked pill box.
b) Work with the client to select a preferred reminder strategy.
c) Provide information on the rationale for the prescribed medication.

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