(a) Discuss possible architectures and recommend an appropriate solution The Erehwon guest house currently consists of seven rooms, but Mike has expansion plans and expects to be able to purchase a second guest house in the next few months. He then plans to buy further properties to expand to a chain of 20 guest houses (approximately 200 bedrooms) within the next 4 years. You should take that into account when answering this part. The complete website will consist of the promotional pages you would expect for an organisation of this size, together with applications to capture user details , allow users to post reviews, and in future to allow booking records and online booking services to be added. Mike has heard that websites have system architectures, but really does not understand what that means. He wants your report to explain what the term means and then recommend a suitable architecture for his website to allow his business to expand as he plans. Your report should:

Define what system architecture means in this context.

State three possible architectures based on Block 2 Part 1.

You should consider Mike’s requirements. Describe the advantages and/or disadvantages of each architecture you have stated in relation to Mike’s requirements.

Advise Mike on which you consider is the most appropriate and explain why

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