$\Delta E=\frac{h c}{\lambda}$

1. According to Equation 1 in the Backyround section, the energy of light $(\Delta E)$ is inversely proportional to its wavelength $(\lambda$.$) _as the wavelength increases, its energy decreases.$ Based on the spectrum observed for incandescent white light, rank the colors in the visible spectrum from highest energy to lowest energy. 2. Do all of the colors of light in the visible spectrum span about the same wavelength "width" - that is, do the bands of color appear equally wide or narrow? 3. What color of light in the visible spectrum appears brightest? Does this mean that it is the highest energy light? 4. Using Equation 1, calculate the energy $(\Delta E)$ corresponding to each line in the atomic emission spectrum of hydrogen.

I need the answers to these.

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