ARP/MAC attacks

Subtask 1

Scapy is a popular python package that allows you to read and create packets. Use scapy to design a simple program to detect a possible arp attack. One design would be to run the program, detect and store MACIP mappings, and alert the user if there are any changes. You are free to examine other implementations on the internet, but if you do, reference them. You should submit the following. 1. A short python script that detects any changes in the ARP mapping, with a brief explanation of the code. 2. A screenshot showing your program successfully detecting a change to the ARP tables while an ARP attack is in progress. Below is some code to help you start.

Please help me solve the problem in ethical hacking using Oracel and VMbox. Pease attach screenshots too. Thanks!
Listing 1: Code Skeleton from scapy.all import $*$ pkts $=$ rdpcap('capture.pcap') \%Can also do a live capture ipadr=['', '', '', ''] \%populate this macadr[ '00:03: ff:98:98:01', '00:03:ff:98:98:02', '00:03:ff: 98:98:03', '00:03:ff $: 98: 98: 30$ ' $]$ \%populate this for $\mathrm{p}$ in pkts: if p.haslayer(ARP): \%Do stuff

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