Assignment - Conway’s Game of Life JAVA

Conway’s game of life is a simple simulation of life forms in a two dimensional grid. If you are unfamiliar with the game then take some time to read the Wikipedia article below:

Conway’s Game of Life

A text based Java implementation of the game is available in the following zip file:

Take some time to download and compile the code in the zip file. If you put the code into its own directory then you can compile the code with the following command:

javac *.java

java ConwayMain

If you are using an IDE then you can import the code into a project.

Notice that there is an abstract class named AbstractCell, and that there are three derived classes: ConwayCell, NeverAliveCell, and AlwaysAliveCell. Examine the way that the derived classes implement the abstract member functions in AbstractCell. The ConwayCell implements the standard behavior of a call in Conway’s Game of Life.

For this assignment you only need to implement and test two new classes. You will create two different cells, derived from AbstractCell.

1. Blinker Cell

The first class that you should create is a BlinkerCell. This is a cell that should alternate between being alive and dead with each generation.

2. Your own cell

For the second cell you should feel free to implement any behavior that you want. If you are having trouble thinking of ideas then post to the discussion boards early. We can brainstorm.

What to submit

Submit all of the files needed to run your completed project with the two new cells. Include a .txt file that describes the behavior of your new cells.

If you have any questions about the assignment post them in the extra credit Conway’s World discussion board.

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