Beefy anchor supports are needed to afix suspension bridges to the earth such as these ones from Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge in Charleston, South Carolina. Let us model the illustrated orange anchor as a planar truss that is subjected to the cable tension load $\mathbf{T}$. Knowing $T=85 \mathrm{kN}$, $a=50 \mathrm{~cm}, b=80 \mathrm{~cm}$ and $\theta=15^{\circ}$, determine forces $F_{A B,} F_{A C}$, and $F_{B C}$ in $\mathrm{kN}$ in members $\overline{A B}, \overline{A C}$ and $\overline{B C}$. Matlab input: $T=85$; $a=50 ;$ $\mathrm{b}=80 ;$ theta $=15$; \[ F_{A B}= \] $\mathrm{kN}$ \[ F_{A C}= \] \[ \mathrm{kN} \] \[ F_{B C}= \] \[ \mathrm{kN} \] $\square$

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