Begin your response Side View Parachute Top View (12 points, suggested time 25 minutes) A block of mass $m_{B}$ can be attached to a parachute of negligible mass and radius $r$, as shown in the tho von bove. When falling, the parachute experiences an upward force of air resistance. This force increases aste peed of the parachute increases. The falling block and parachute speed up at first but eventually reach a onstant speed called terminal speed. The dot below represents the block-parachute system when it has reached its terminal speed and is fallayt this constant speed. On the dot, draw and label the forces (not components) acting on the system. Represent each force by a distinct arrow starting on, and pointing away from, the dot. Note: Draw the relative lengths of all vectors to reflect the relative magnitudes of all the forces.

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