Create a fictitious data set from scratch for a small-town library catalog. This library will have both books and movies that your data set must be prepared for. Track the important relevant data for each media type and make sure your catalog has at least 15 records. (It's a very small town.)

Save a version of your data set for each of the following files/delimiters and save an imported Excel file to show the data came in properly. Be sure to name your files to make clear which you intend them to be. For example, your submission for CSV would include two files, 1) CatalogCSV.txt and 2) CatalogCSV.xlsx or if you prefer CatalogCSV.csv and CatalogCSV.xlsx.

Submit a pair of files for each of the following:

  • CSV (comma separated)
  • Tab separated
  • XML
  • JSON

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