Deshaun works for a company that sells and distributes restaurant supplies, including large appliances like walk-in freezers to smaller consumables like table covers, plasticware, and janitorial supplies. His company's customers cover a wide geographical area throughout three states. However, the owners have decided to expand into a nationwide market and increase the emphasis on their e-commerce revenue stream What kinds of e-commerce activities will the company's new Website need to support to best promote their expanded services nationally? a. Buyside b. Sell-side c. Mobileside d. Digital-side Deshaun needs a(n) Select $\quad \checkmark$ strategy to ensure that customers have a unified experience when communicating with the company through the Website, by phone, or face-to-face with sales representatives:

Deshaun needs a(n) Select company through th select omnichannel multichannel personalized social commerce A successful e-commerce system inust aud

please match boxes left to right

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