Design an ECBM system with methane recovery, electricity generation, and carbon sequestration for a coal field with 17 billion m3 methane capacity and a yield of 280 m3/tonne CO2 sequestered. The methane (assume it is pure CH4 and ignore impurities) is delivered to an advanced technology-generating plant where it is mixed with a stream of pure oxygen to deliver electricity for the grid, CO2 for sequestration, and water as a by-product. Of the energy available in the methane, 40% is delivered to the grid in the form of electricity. The remainder is dissipated in losses in the plant and to supply energy needed for the operation (methane, CO2 and water pumping, CO2 injection, and so on). All CO2 from the generating plant is injected into the coal field, so that there are no emissions of CO2 to the atmosphere. Additional CO2 is transported by pipeline from other sources located at a distance. The plant is planned to operate for 40 years at a constant output, after which all the methane will have been withdrawn. How much electricity does the plant produce per year? What is the net amount of CO2 sequestered, after taking into account the fraction that is derived from carbon that was under the ground in the first place?

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