I'm a little confused as to how do this portion of my lab. I was able to do the rest, but had trouble with this beginning part. Explanations would be extremely helpful! Thank you. The magnet is being dragged between the coil from left to right. The polarity of the magnet does not change (N-pole stays on right and S-pole stays on left).

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Faraday's Electromagnetic Lab 1. Select "Pickup Coil" in top left corner. \begin{tabular}{|c|c|c|c|} \hline Bar Magnet & Pickup Coil & Electromagnet & Transformer \\ \hline \end{tabular} Click the voltage meter to add it to the simulation. It should connect itself across the top of the coil. a) Move the bar magnet left and right THROUGH the coil of wire. Describe the orientation of the magnetic field compared to the coil when the maximum current is generated. Note: the animations all demonstrate electron flow. Conventional current is the opposite direction

Increase the number of Loops in the simulation to 3. b) Describe how does the number of loops affect the current flow: Increase or decrease the Loop Area c) How does Loop Area affect the current flow? Describe the effect and provide a plausible explanation. d) Why is little to no current generated when the bar magnet is moved up and down?

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