Final Graded System Design Project Specs A customer's house in Binghamton, NY uses $5750 \mathrm{kWh}$ per year. Full-sun-hours per year in Binghamton $=1496$ System efficiency $=0,75$ The following final graded quiz will ask you to use these inputs to calculate the system size and cost. Here is one formula to get you started: Solar electric size in kilowatts ( $\mathrm{kW}$ ) = yearly electric usage in $\mathrm{kWh}$ divided by (full-sun-hours multiplied by system efficiency) In formula form: PV size in $\mathrm{kW}=$ load in $\mathrm{kWh} \div$ (Full-sun-hours per year $\times$ system efficiency)

Final Graded System Design Project TOTAL POINIS 10 many of them will you need? Round up to the nearest Whole number Enter answer here

3. Using your answer from Question 1.if the cost is $\$ 3.25$ per Wart, what does the whole system cost? Enter answer here your answer to the nearest dollar. Ener anwer here Federal tar credir? Peurld ue to the neareit dolar. Enter anywer hete

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