Question TebonManufacturing is considering seeking relief under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code. However, the company would prefer to engage in out-of-court activities that would allow for a restructuring of debts in an orderly manner. Before approaching its creditors, the company is attempting to estimate the amount of consideration that would be received by various classes of creditors if the company did liquidate. The company’s assets and liabilities are as follows:(attached)Of the accounts payable, $130,000 is secured by inventory which has a net realizable value of $150,000. Note A is secured by the balance of the inventory and receivables. Note B is secured by equipment with a net realizable value of $300,000, and the mortgage payable and accrued interest are secured by the land. All of the other liabilities are unsecured, although $10,000 is unsecured with priority over the balance.Prepare a schedule that sets forth the classes of claims (fully secured, partially secured, unsecured) and the assets that satisfy each class. For each class, compute the dividend and determine the total amount of consideration to be received in satisfaction of Note Payable—B. BookRealizableВookValueLiabilitiesValue$ 60,000 Accounts payable360,000 Note payable-A350,000 Note payable B360,000 Mortgage payable260,000 Accrued interest..45,000 Other...AssetsValue$ 60,000420,000400,000$ 280,000600,000500,000CashReceivables ..Inventory ...Equipment.Land.......380,000180,000....12,000200,00060,000$1,520,000 $1,435,000 Total...Other.24,000Total..$1,596,000

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