In a certain equipment used for the absorption of SO2 from air by water, at one section,
the gas and liquid phase concentrations of the solute are 10 mol% and 4 mass% respectively.
The solution density is 61.8 lb/ft 3 . At the given temperature (40°C) and pressure (10 atm), the
distribution of the SO2 between air and water can be approximately described as pA = 25(xA) ,
where pA is the partial pressure of SO2 in the gas phase in atm. The individual mass transfer
coefficients are kx = 10 kmol/(h–m 2 –Δx) and ky = 8 kmol/(h–m 2 –Δy). Calculate (i) the overall
coefficient, KG in kmol/(h–m 2 –Δp in mm Hg) and (ii) xAi and pAi at the gas-liquid interface.

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