// Lab 10 Pre-Lab Assignment // Write a function that divides each element in the array "myArray" // by the variable "divideMe". \#include <iostream> using namespace std; // TODO - Write your function prototype here int main() l const int SIZE $=10$; float myArray $[$ SIZE $]=[5.0,10.0,15.0,20.0,25.0,30.0,35.0,40.0,45.0 .50 .0]$ float divideMe $=4.0$; II TODO-Add your function call here II print the array forlint $i=0: i<$ SIZE: $i+t)$ I cout «emyArray $[i] \ll "$ " I cout $<<$ endt: return 0 ; 1 // TODO. Write your function definition here

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