Material balance for an absorption-distillation sequence. 1,000 kmol∕h of a gas mixture containing 90 mol% acetone and 10% nitrogen is to be processed to recover the acetone. First the gas is fed to a multistage absorber where 95% of the acetone is absorbed with 500 kmol∕h of a liquid absorbent of methyl-isobutyl-ketone (MIBK). Two percent of the entering MIBK is lost to the gas leaving the top of the absorber. Nitrogen does not dissolve in the MIBK. The liquid leaving the bottom of the absorber is sent to a distillation column to separate the acetone from the MIBK. In this column, a distillate of 98 mol% acetone and a bottoms of 99 mol% MIBK is obtained. (a) Draw a flow diagram of the separation process and place the above data on the diagram. (b) For each stream in the process, calculate by material balances the flow rate of each component and enter your results in a table similar to Table 1.5.

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