Must use MSDS!!

You are walking down the hallway of your facility, and you see a housekeeper frantically signaling for help.

You approach the housekeeper and notice that her eyes are red, watery, and they are itchy. She is rubbing her hands on her face, where you notice what look like red burns on her face and she is coughing. You ask her what is wrong and she says she splashed something on her face and in her eyes when she was mixing it with water in her pail. She is very upset, not really able to give you many details about the incident.

No supervisor is available to help her. You are in charge.

  1. What do you do first?
  2. What do you do for her first?
  3. What may the process/protocol be for an accident like this?

You look on her cart and notice she has the following chemicals and items:

  1. Vinegar
  2. Ammonia
  3. Comet Cleanser
  4. Unidentified solution in a paper cup on the cart
  5. Donut and coffee
  6. Lysol Multi-purpose cleaner

  1. Which is the product that would cause these kinds of concerns if splashed on the face?(hint - look up the MSDS on all products)

  1. How would you treat, help the splash to her eyes and to her face?(hint, look up the MSDS on all


6. What could have the staff member done to avoid this kind of injury?

7. What could the facility have done to help her or any other staff member in this kind of injury? Look around the hallway, what safety components should be available and how close should they be to work areas ?

8. What do you think about the unidentified solution in the paper cup on the cart? Could this have caused the burns and injury to the eyes? Any issue with this being on the cart?

9.What about the food products on the cart? Should they be there?

10. What would happen if Ammonia was spilled on the donut or in the coffee and the staff member consumed them?

List the websites you used (URLs)

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