Nadia (Team Lead): Hi, I know you requested some additional support for your deliverable. However, the deadline for Ravi's project just got pushed up, so we are pretty limited on available time for members of our team. How do you think we should proceed? From: Nadia Loomis, Team Lead Subject: Project Resource Availability $\mathrm{Hi}$, How is your first week on Project Excite going? We need to deliver the first version of your product for review in 4 weeks. If you need support, let your teammates or me know and we will do our best to help. Here is everyone's availability for the next two weeks. Thanks, Nadia Loomis Ravi (Sr. Team Member): Hi! We are glad to have you on this project! Project Excite is a project to pilot test new product features. Kara has been supporting Excite for 12 months
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