Object Oriented Design and Programming

Unit code: OODP101

Assessment 5 – Content Analysis (Reflective Journal)


Students are required to analyse the weekly lecture material of weeks 1 to 11 and create concise content analysis summaries of the theoretical concepts contained in the course lecture slides.

Where the lab content or information contained in technical articles from the Internet or books helps to fully describe the lecture slide content, discussion of such theoretical articles or discussion of the lab material should be included in the content analysis.

The document structure is as follows (2500 Words):

  1. Title Page
  2. Introduction (100 words)
  3. Background (100 words)
  4. Content analysis (reflective journals) for each week from 1 to 11 (2250 words; 205 words per week):
    1. Theoretical Discussion
      1. Important topics covered
      2. Proper examples for each topic (don’t include examples from lecture slides)
    2. Interpretations of the contents
      1. What are the most important/useful/relevant information about the content?
    3. Outcome
      1. What have I learned from this?
  5. Conclusion (50 words)

Your report must include:

  • At least five references, out of which, three references must be from academic resources.
  • Harvard Australian referencing for any sources you use.

Refer to the Academic Learning Skills student guide on Referencing

These highlighted parts are the units name learned between week 1 to 11. Thanks


(Farrell, J. (2017) Programming Logic and Design, Comprehensive (9th ed.) Cengage Learning)

Week 1- An Overview of Computers and Programming

Week 2-Variables and their manipulations Simple input and output

Week 3,4 -Understanding Programming Structures

Week 4- Understanding Programming Structures (Programming Logic and Design
Ninth Edition)

Week 5- Arrays and basic Array operations (Programming Logic and Design
Ninth Edition)

Week 6- Part 1-Programming and coding standards Part 2- Developing and implementing test plans (Programming Logic and Design Ninth Edition)

Week 7- Code Modularization (Object Oriented Design and Programming)

Week 8-

  • ArrayList
  • Various Operations on ArrayList
  • Iterators
  • Introduction to classes and objects

Week9- In this part, you will learn about:

  • Constructors
  • Destructors
  • Setter and Getter methods

Week 10- Principles of Object Oriented Design and programming – Encapsulation, Polymorphism and Inheritance

Week 11-Array of Objects (Programming Logic and Design)

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