Please code it in Java. And don't use System.out.println and no scanner operations (eg, input.nextInt()). java.util.Arrays class, class character or Class String can be used.

Computational thinking for a software developer/computer programmer is a critical skill that is consistently applied. This lab requires you to develop a solution using Java object-oriented programming that simulates a basketball shootout game. Two players agree to limit the number of ball throw attempts to 3 throws each. The first player will make all three throw attempts (keep track of the successful baskets made where the ball goes into the basket). After the first player completes all three shots, the second player will make all three throw attempts. The player who makes the most baskets (gets the ball in the hoop) will be declared the winner. In the case of a tie, the tie counter is incremented by one. Then, the game is repeated until a winner can be determined. Note that the game can be repeated many times. The losing player of the shootout game will have to give the winning player a move ticket(s). The number of movie tickets is determined by the total number of baskets made by the winner, less the total number of baskets made by the losing player. The losing player gives half of a movie ticket for every tied game (if there were any tied games). If the final calculated number of movie tickets has a decimal value, it should be rounded to the nearest whole number since you can't purchase half a ticket! Example: If the player-1 made a total of 3 baskets, and player-2 made a total of 2, and they had three tied games, the number of movie tickets would initially be 3-2=1, but increased by 3 X 0.5=1.5, making the owed number of tickets 2.5 which must be rounded up to 3 movie tickets.

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