Please create a 5-page website, coded by hand using your text editor. The topic is your choice and is meant fir working on to demonstrate your proficiency with HTML & CSS.

Homepage Technical Requirements
1. Semantic markup tags (minimum of <header>, <nav>, <main>, <footer>)
2. *Liquid layout (not full width of screen - centered)
3. Interactive navigation (unordered list styled with css using pseudo states)
4. One image
5. Title tags that are correct, unique, and valid HTML5
6. Linked to external style sheet (final.css) with element, id, and class selectors

Rest of site Technical Requirements (in addition to homepage requirements)
1. Two appropriate media queries for tablet and phone sized viewports
2. Appropriate meta viewport html tag
3. Flexible images (2 minimum)
4. Data table on any page (at least 4 x 4 – make sure the content is appropriate for a data table.)
5. Links - one external link, and one fragment id
6. Form with a minimum of five input elements (text, textarea, radio, checkbox, ect.)
7. On the page with the form, include an embedded style sheet with the form styles
8. A print style sheet named print.css
9. A video created by you, uploaded to YouTube, and then embedded in your site

please create a website that meets all the requirements. the site can be about anything

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