Problem 1 $2 / 4$ points (graded A dipole is placed as shown on the dagram. The positive end of the dipole has a charge of $4 \mathrm{nC}$. The two ends of the dipole are separated by a distance of $29 \mu \mathrm{m}$, and the center of the dipole is $0.09 \mathrm{~m}$ from the origin.
9 - zero magnitude 10 - more information needed What is the direction of the electric field at the origin due to the dipole? \[ 7 \] A small plastic bead has a charge -4 nC. Which location on the diagram, A, B, C, or D best represents where you would place the plastic bead so that the net electric field at the origin is $\angle$ ero? \[ \mathrm{C} \] What is the distance from the plastic bead to the origin? \[ .5 \] $\mathrm{m}$ 5 The distance between the dipole and the origin is suddenly doubled. What is the new distance between the plastic bead and the origin such that the net field at the origin is still $\angle$ ero? 3 $m$ .3

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