Problem: Implement a part of functionality for the Netflix DVD queue. It's a service that allows a user to create a list of desired movies and then sends DVDs with movies on top (what we called head in our lectures) of this list to the subscriber one at a time. A subscriber should be able to create a list of desired movies and manipulate the order in a movie queue in their account. Your program will implement some of the desired functionality by storing the list of movie titles in a linked list. You are provided with the following files available in the "Downloadable files" section:

  • MovieList.h contains a class declaration for the class that represents a list of movies. top refers to the head position of a list and bottom refers to the tail or end position of a list.
  • Driver.cpp contains the main function you can use to test your implementation.

*** NOTE: Please do not change any of the function names since our automated test script calls those functions. Changing function names or parameters will break the automated test script.

You will be responsible for providing the MovieList.cpp file, including the implementation of the MovieList member functions (described below). The class is defined in the MovieList.h file.:

  • MovieList and ~MovieList: create an empty list and deallocates all the nodes in the list, respectively.
  • display(ostream& out) Print movie titles from top to bottom, with positions numbered (put a colon and space between the number and the movie title) one movie per line. Use out << instead of cout <<.
  • addToTop(string title) Add a movie to the top (head) of the list
  • addToBottom(string title) Add a movie to the bottom (end) of the list
  • moveToTop(string title) Move a movie with given title to position 0 (top or head)
  • moveToPosition(string title, int position) Move movie with given title to position n (0 is top or head)
  • remove(int n) Remove a movie at the given position. Return true if successful, false if there is no movie at position n.


Use the provided Driver.cpp file to test your code. I recommend trying to implement one or two functions at a time, and testing them, rather than implementing all the functions and then trying to debug them all at once.

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