Question 4 [10 Marks ] You are to design a Hospital database. So before creating the database, your task is to draw the ER diagram based on the following data collected and analyzed: - A hospital will have a name, unique id, multiple helpline numbers (one for doctor's appointment, one for ambulance, one for bill information and one for other services' info) and locations. A hospital may have more than one location as it may have different branches and each of the locations will have a building no., street address, road no. and city name. - A patient will have a name, unique ID, may have more than one phone number, age, height, weight and symptoms. - A patient takes an appointment in a hospital and the appointment date is recorded. - A patient may have an attendant. An attendant will have his/her name, contact numbers and relationship with the patient as a record in the database. Due to the covid situation, the hospital authorities will only allow 1 attendant with 1 patient.
Question 2 [10 Marks] a) Represent the following information into an ER Diagram notation and identify all the types of attributes used: [ 4 Marks ] b) From the above given information, determine which is an entity, an entity type and an entity set defining each of these terms in one or 2 lines. [ 6 Marks ]

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