Question 5 )

Pre-attack indicators are like post-attack indicators in which of the following ways:

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IP source shuns work about 50% of the time for both methods.

Both are really a waste of time for most tools

Both are more effective in the presence of external threat intelligence

Neither can possibly prevent an attack.

Both will always prevent attacks

7.Question 7

Fraud fits poorly into the CIA model for which of the following reasons:

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Fraud and disclosure are mostly related

Fraud fits into existing categories, but only after some adjustment

Integrity has many fraud attributes

Fraud is a unique scenario that does not easily fit into existing categories

10.Question 10

Which of the following statements is not true?

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Ciphertext-only is less secure than breaking encrypted text directly

Codebook is easier for bad guys to break than known plaintext

Known-plaintext hints cannot be controlled by the eavesdropper

Chosen-plaintext is more secure than codebook

None of these statements are true.

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