Questions 18 and 19. Three identical spheres are equally spaced from one another. Spheres 1 and 2 have charge $+Q$, and sphere 3 has a charge of $-Q$, as shown in the figure below. Five different positions are labeled A, B, C, D, and E. Positions A, B, and $C$ are all the same distance from sphere 3. Positions C, D, and E are all the same distance from sphere 2. All spheres and points lie in the same plane. 18. The electric potential is highest at position A. A B. $\mathrm{B}$ C. C D. D E. $\mathbf{E}$ 19. At which of the five positions are the horizontal and vertical components of the electric field directed toward the left and the top of the page, respectively? A. A B. B C. $\mathrm{C}$ D. D E. $\mathbf{E}$

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