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1-1 Show by equations the overall chemical reactions involved in the synthesis of polymers from a. $\mathrm{CH}_{2}=\mathrm{CH}-\mathrm{CO}_{2} \mathrm{H}$ b. c. $\mathrm{H}_{2} \mathrm{~N}-\left(\mathrm{CH}_{2}\right)_{5}-\mathrm{NH}_{2}+\mathrm{ClCO}-\left(\mathrm{CH}_{2}\right)_{5}-\mathrm{COCl}$ d. $\mathrm{HO}-\left(\mathrm{CH}_{2}\right)_{5}-\mathrm{CO}_{2} \mathrm{H}$ e. f. $\mathrm{CH}_{2}=\mathrm{CH}-\mathrm{F}$ 1-2 What is the structure of the repeating unit in each of the polymers in Problem 1-1? Can any other monomer(s) be used to obtain the same polymer structure for any of these polymer? 1-3 Classify the polymers as to whether they are condensation or addition polymers. Classify the polymerizations as to whether they are step, chain, or ring-opening polymerizations. 1-4 How would you experimentally determine whether the polymerization of an unknown monomer $X$ was proceeding by a step or a chain mechanism? 1-5 Name each of the polymers in Problem 1-1 by the IUPAC system. Indicate alternate names whet applicable based on the polymer source, non-IUPAC structure system, or trade names. 1-6 Name each of the following polymers by the IUPAC system

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