Question The aluminum and steel pipes shown in the figure are fastened to rigid supports at ends A and B and to a rigid plate C at their junction. The aluminum pipe is twice as long as the steel pipe. Two equal and symmetrically placed loads P act on the plate at C. Calculate the stress (MPa) in the steel pipe for the following data: P = 150 kN, cross-sectional area of aluminum pipe Aa = 6000 mm2, cross-sectional area of steel pipe As = 700 mm2, modulus of elasticity of aluminum Ea = 70 GPa, and modulus of elasticity of steel Es = 200 GPa. Suel pipe L. Aluminum pipe

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The aluminum and steel pipes shown in the figure are fastened to rigid supports at ends A and B and to a rigid plate C at their junction. The aluminum pipe is twice as long as the steel pipe. Two equal and symmetrically placed loads P act on the plate at C. Calculate the stress (MPa) in the steel pipe for the following data: P = 150 kN, cross-sectional area of aluminum pipe Aa = 6000 mm2, cross-sectional area of steel pipe As = 700 mm2, modulus of elasticity of aluminum Ea = 70 GPa, and modulus of elasticity of steel Es = 200 GPa.  Suel pipe L. Aluminum pipe 
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solutionWhing equations 1 equilibnium,R_(A)+R_(B)=2P{:[(2F_(S)A_(S)*R_(B))/(E_(a)*A_(a))+R_(B)=2P],[R_(B)[E_(a)*A_(a)+2E_(s)A_(s)]=2PE_(a)*A_(a)". "],[R_(B)=(2PE_(a)A_(a))/(E_(a)A_(a)+2E_(s)*A_(S))],[R_(A)=2P-( ... See the full answer