QuEstioniT-1 FotNT Wyatt an economist. is conducting a sucvey test to determine if there is a difference in the mean amounts of money spent by households between the four economic quarters at the year. To collect data for this ANOVA test. Wyatt randamly selects households and records the amounts of money spent for each quarter. Assume the condicions necessary for a one-way ANOVA are mict. If the E test stanistie for this dara set is determined to be 1.19, which of the followind conclusions is accurate? Select the correct answer below: Reject the nul hypothesis. There is enough evidence to show a statistically significaint difference befween the dota sets Fail to reject the nuli hypotiesh. There is not enough ovideoce to shew a staristically significant diference between the data sots. Fall to feject the null hypothesh. There is enough evidence to show a shatistically significant differerice between the data sets. There is not enough information to know if there is a statictically significant diffetence in the average price of a single-farnily bome between the four states m Etionack

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