Which of the following actions would JavaScript be responsible for performing on a web page? Running programs when a user interacts with the page. Building data sets to provide to other pages. Retrieving information from the data layer to send to the front end. Structuring content for a computer to interpret and present to users.

The World Wide Web (WWW) is an information system that does which of the following? Allows access to resources over the internet. Uses URLs to identify websites and documents it stores. Imposes standard restrictions on the websites it stores. All of the answers are correct.

Which of the following statements about web applications is true? Web applications do not require connection to the Internet to run. Web applications are always built using JavaScript. Web applications do not need to compensate for visual or functional disparities when run on different browsers. Web applications are cross-platform applications by default.

While writing a program in JavaScript, you notice suggestions for functions appear as you type certain letters or words. This can be attributed to a feature of some editors known as syntax highlighting predictive programming code completion compiling

A user logs into a banking website and clicks on a button to view their balances. Which layer(s) of the web application are being used when the user hits the button? The presentation layer The presentation and data layers The logic and data layers The presentation, logic, and data layers

Which of the following would a software engineer be expected to do? Collaborate with their team and customers. Read documentation and gather requirements. Write new code and debug broken code. All of the answers are correct.

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