Write a GUI-based program that plays a guess-the-number game in which the roles of the computer and the user are the reverse of what they are in the Case Study of this chapter. In this version of the game, the computer guesses a number between 1 (lowerBound) and 100 (upperBound) and the user provides the responses.

  • The window should display the computer’s guesses with a label.
  • The user enters a hint in response, by selecting one of a set of command buttons labeled Too small, Too large, and Correct.
  • When the game is over, you should disable these buttons and wait for the user to click New game, as before.

Be sure to use the field names provided in the comments in your starter code.

An example of the program is shown below:

                Is the number 50?

Too small    Too large    correct    new game

1.GUI TestI

Guessing 79


GUI Test

Guessing 18 and resetting game


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