Write a progam tat does the following Given a string variable: StrRates StrRa ON 3: GENERAL PROGRAMMING CAPABILITIEs tes is a string with delaminated list of number. This list can be of arbitrary length. The pattern of this Rate. ..," Price 1,1 "," Raten"," Price,n.4L.. LockPeriodi " ;" Rate;"," Pricem, Raten ective of the Program is to transform this string into the following two-dimensional matrix and list is: "," Pricer,','' :L" LockPeriodm";" The Obj display it as an html page. So the output should look like this" Lockm Rate Rate2 Rate3 Lockı Price1,1 Price1,2 Price1,3 Lock2 Price2,1 Price2,2 Price2,3 Lock3 Price3,1 Price3,2 Price3,3 Pricem,1 Pricem,2 Pricem,3 Pricem,n Pricez,n Price3, Price1,n Raten Here is an example: If the input value to program is StrRates "5 then the function would print the following output ejo is, 101,6 0,10200,5 0,99,5.5,100,6.0,101Qo 20 2 5.0 5.5 6.0 100 101, 102 100 101

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