Write a program in C ++ language that applies the main matters presented in the object-oriented programming subject in the C ++ language in an educational way that enables the user to identify the main concepts in the subject and learn how to use and program them. Attached are examples of each concept?
These concepts:
Records (Structs)
Classes and Data Abstraction
(Introduce Object Paradigm, Class and Object Declarations, Constructors, Destructors, Constant Objects, and Constant Member Functions, Array of Objects, This Pointer, Static Members of a Class, Copy Constructor, When Constructors and Destructors are called,
Abstract Data Type)
Composition and Inheritance
(Objects as Members of Classes, Inheritance Implementation, Order of Construction and Destruction Execution, Dominating Base-Class Members in a Derived Class, Overriding Base-Class Members in a Derived Class, Derived-Class Object As a Base-Class Object, Derived- Class Pointers as Base-Class Pointers)
Polymorphism and Virtual Functions
(Polymorphism, Virtual Functions, Virtual Destructor, Rules of Virtual Functions)
(Operator Overloading, Operator Function, Overloading Rules, Friend Functions, Operator Functions as Member and Non-Member Functions, Overloading Binary Operators, Overloading Stream Insertion and Extraction Operators, Overloading the Assignment Operator, Overloading Unary Operator, Conversion Constructor)
(Function Template, Class Template)
Exception Handling

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