Write a report which, if implemented, will address all the issues identified in the case study. The
report must have the following structures:
Q.2.1 Your report must be structured in the following approach.
Q.2.1.1 Executive summary. (5)
Q.2.1.2 Background (case study’s IT security issues only). (5)
Q.2.1.3 Development of the proposed solution. (5)
Q.2.1.4 The role of the IT risk manager in addressing physical and network
Q.2.1.5 The best methods of combating the network-based attack. (5)
Q.2.1.6 The impact of social engineering when combating network security. (5)
Q.2.1.7 The most appropriate mechanism in implementing network access
authentication and authorisation without compromising network
Q.2.1.8 The implementation of the best strategy to fight against hacking,
hijacking and maintain the online presence.
Q.2.1.9 The most appropriate location and strategy for the DMZ and firewall
Q.2.1.10 Conclusion.

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