Your manager has emailed you. What's your answer to their question? Respond to your manager in the text box provided. $\mathrm{Hi}$ Beth and I were just talking about our customer alerts (the notifications customers can choose to get about their accounts). Beth wanted to know what proportion of people who sign up to alerts get them by email. Can you take a look at last month's data and work it out, please? The report is attached. Let me know how you got the answer too, so I can give Beth the context. Thanks. Kai Alerts Report Average Alerts per account per month by chosen alerts channel Context: Customers can sign up for alerts to let them know about changes. to their account, If they do, they can choose between text or emall alerts. or can choose not to receive alerts at all. \begin{tabular}{|l|l|} \hline Customers qetting emall or text alerts & 1.000 .000 \\ \hline Customers not signed up for any alerts & 600,000 \\ \hline \end{tabular}

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