1) A fast-food chain has been developing a new dessert to add to their menu. They have completed test marketing and are now fully introducing a complete marketing strategy and launching the product. The product is in which stage of the product development process?

a) product development

b) commercialization

c) product analysis

d) idea screening

e) test marketing


2) When Lexa Beauty promotes its facial wash and lotion to adolescents, it emphasizes acne control and clear skin. However, when it promotes its products to adults, it emphasizes wrinkle control and firm skin. This is an example of how

a) different advertising media can be used to reach a desired audience.

b) characteristics of the people in the target audience influence advertisement content and form.

c) the advertising message may include hard-hitting, high-impact language and symbols to increase large sales.

d) the advertising message may use repetition of the brand name to increase brand awareness.

e) important it is for advertisers to use meaningful, familiar, and attractive words, symbols, and illustrations to target the right audience.

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