1. Give short answers to the following questions: i. What is Appraisal? ii. Outline the goals of an effective performance appraisal. iii. Explain the steps involved in the appraisal process. iv. What are the benefits of an appraisal programme? v. Write short notes on the following appraisal methods: a. Critical incident methods b. Behaviorally - anchored rating scales

Case Study

You are a regional manager of a chain of stores, which sells computer equipment and accessories, mainly, based out of town in retail parks. A new manager has been appointed to one of the stores, which employ 20 staff. This store is currently experiencing a number of challenges which John wants the new manager to address. Among these are the following:  A growing absence problem among the store’s staff  Deterioration in staff morale, largely due to unpopularity of the previous manager, who left suddenly a month ago  Sales have been falling since a rival have opened a store on the same site. The company has a formal appraisal process for all staff but the previous manager is known to have neglected this area. Based on the above issues, select which you think are the most appropriate objectives to be included in an annual performance management plan, and compile a suitable set of performance objectives for your newly appointed manager, complete with measures and time scale.

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